Financial Services

Procure to Pay Services (P2P)

The Procure to Pay (P2P) division of Financial Services provides support to the University’s operating units including all administrative departments, academic faculties and ancillary operations on matters relating to the acquisition and payment of goods and services. With the goal of streamlining operations and optimizing value, the P2P division is responsible to initiate the procurement process within established guidelines, provide advice throughout the selection process, and to facilitate all forms of payment. 

The division manages a wide range of supply contracts and procurement solicitation requests (RFP / Tender requests, etc.), prepares University purchase orders (POs), and processes payment requests and expense claims. They also co-ordinate the distribution of mail and incoming materials, provide customs information to the internal University community, and oversee the in-house print shop.

The Financial Services Staff Listing is linked for your convenience.

You are encouraged to review the policies that fall under P2P division in advance of making a purchase or entering into an agreement. 

The internal forms used in the business of P2P can be found here.  

External forms remain on the University website and include Reimbursement Form, Limited Tendering Justification Form and Direct Deposit Vendor Information Form.

If you need assistance at any time, please contact the Customer Service Representatives at 902-420-5054.  

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