Dr. Patricia Bradshaw Competition Fund Application Form

Field of Study: Open to individuals, teams and/or student groups or societies in the undergraduate and graduate programs in the Sobey School of Business

Application Deadline—Oct. 15th of every year

Value of Award: $4000 (or the available funds determined by the University’s Endowment Spending Policy) per year allotted to an individual(s), team(s) and/or societies determined at the discretion of the Dean of the Sobey School of Business.

Letter of support: Please provide a letter of support from a faculty member who can endorse this event. Please send it via email to Melanie Matthews at dean.businessschool@smu.ca.

Are you an individual, team or group applying for the funds?
What competition are you attending? 
When is the competition?

Format: mm-dd-yyyy

When is the entry deadline?

Format: mm-dd-yyyy

Who is the competition sponsor?
Where is the competition?
 Please provide the city, province, and country if outside of Canada.
Please provide a brief description of the aims and focus of the competition and how would attending this event foster the goals and mission of the Sobey School of Business?

How is this competition related to your program and/ or career goals? Please explain how it might benefit you personally and/or professionally.

Please provide details on any funding you already have in place from internal university sources or external sponsors, etc.

What are your remaining expenses for the Competition? Please provide as much detail as possible on the estimated costs associated with advance preparation, such as fees for any training sessions, as well as costs associated with attending the actual competition, including event registration fees, transportation, accommodations, meals etc. (Please note you will be required to complete a university expense claim supported with official receipts to be reimbursed for expenses.)

How will you prepare for this competition? Is there a faculty advisor associated with this competition? If so, will they accompany you?

What previous case competitions, if any, have you previously attended? Please provide a brief description with details on competition name, sponsor, location and what you have learned from attending this event.

Please provide your name and the name of any other group or team members, along with their year of study.

 e.g. Jane Doe, Year 2
Please provide a primary contact email address where questions about your application can be sent.